10 Reasons to track train with us

  1. It’s totally doable. Workouts finish by 7 a.m. and are easier than you think with whatever your current speed or fitness. 

  2. You’ll have fun. I know.  You think ‘track’ and ‘fun’ are opposites, but really, we’re all having a blast because it’s not about the track. It’s just where we’re training.

  3. You’ll become a better runner. The workouts are *very* thoughtfully designed. This is not typical ‘speed’ work. Last Monday, most of us took a full 15 seconds off our final lap times after a couple of harder, longer intervals. We became speed machines without even trying!

  4. Get coached by a great one. You’re spending the time running anyway - why not improve your body’s running economy and your form? Let a great coach do the thinking for you. All you have to do is show up. Laura’s knowledge as an athlete and coach are EXCEPTIONAL. 

  5. Prevent injury. Admit it – you’re in a running rut. Laura’s new drills and workouts will re-engage running muscles you may not have used lately and that balances you as a runner.

  6. Trying something new grows your brain. The latest science on neuroplasticity shows voluntary exercise is the #1 way to generate new brain cells into your 70’s. 

  7. Generous recovery. So far, workouts have focused on form and quality over quantity, which often means generous recovery. See reason #1.

  8. Get encouraged by teammates. Don’t you miss having someone say your name as you push that final straight-away? Don't you like having a rabbit or being pushed just a little more? This only happens on the track.

  9. See your Iguana friends! See reason #2. Learn the latest on schools, things to do, or how to help spouses cope with stress. Free advice on anything from great minds.

  10. Track training is how the Iguanas started. Being on the track together reminds all of us of what’s so special about this group.



Don’t miss out.  Please Join us!

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